Hello, this is gradesta

We are building a new form of connected multimedia document

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About Gradesta

Gradesta was designed to allow you to create structured multimedia documents and services.


You don’t need to type to create.

With structured multimedia documents we can edit, share, and collaborate on documents using nothing more than a mobile phone, microphone and camera. No need to feel chained to your desk.

Create cells in any direction

Using a network of cells (what mathematicians reffer to as a “graph”), gradesta frees you from traditional hierarchical organizational structure and allows you to create cells in any direction.


Connect and move the cells any way you want

What can it do?



Quickly capture and organize images

Take a photo on your cellphone and add audio or text notes immediately. No need to organize your images at your desk.


Record and organize audio notes

With gradesta, audio notes aren’t just some 3 hour long mp3 you have to “deal with later” you can organize them imediately and they are automatically transcribed for quick reference.


Easily build interactive multimedia services

Gradesta is a protocol. You can create your own interactive multimedia services and serve them to anyone using the app.

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