What we can provide

gradesta ∼ integrations & support

We provide support for integrating the gradesta protocol into your applications.

django-import-export-celery ∼ integrations & support

django-import-export-celery is a django app for importing and exporting large amounts of data asynchronously.

django-smmapdfs ∼ integrations & support

django-smmapdfs is a django app for generating pdfs from django models using a template PDF that can be built by a graphic designer.

django-helpdesk ∼ integrations & support

django-helpdesk is a ticketing system for django.

petgraph ∼ support

petgraph is a rust library that provides graph datastructures and implements common graph algorithms.



Basic email support

€40 an hour *

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Integration and development work

€60 an hour *

Integrate & develop

High priority support

€120 an hour *

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* Work is billed with a 15 minute minimum